Buying a Used House? Here are 5 Must-Do Things Before Moving In

Buying a Used House? Here are 5 Must-Do Things Before Moving In

Congratulations on your investment and buying a new property. If it is a used house that you are planning to move into, then we already know that there’s going to be a lot of hassle with getting the house ready and making sure everything is functioning properly. Instead of leaving heavy tasks till after you have settled in, follow this checklist of tasks before your big move and get them out of your way early on. 

Change House Locks

For two main reasons, with a used house you don’t know who has key copies of the current locks. This is for interior and exterior door locks. It is important to install new bolts and locks across your new home and get new keys made with copies that only you possess. With used houses comes wear-out, so when you change the locks, you ensure you are also replacing any loose or worn-out locks that may pose a safety issue later on. 

Check all Mechanical Equipment

Make sure you inspect all the inner workings of the house to be able to live comfortably and safely in the house. Check the bathroom and kitchen plumbing for any leaks and fix any that you find. Check all the electrical wiring and get acquainted with your electricity box. Inspect the carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors for any damage and replace the batteries to ensure they are not expired before you move in. 

Invest in Pest Control 

Getting your house ready to live in will involve a lot of preventative steps. This includes spraying and preparing against any pests that are already there or a future infestation. You need to do this step inside and outside the house. Spray the inside against ants, roaches, and other little insects. For the yard, the professionals at PestPolicy review various pest control options that have effects lasting up to 7 months. This will help you control flies, roaches, and fleas, as well as maintain a clean and pest-free environment. You don’t want to move in and then have to deal with critters crawling in your house.

Paint and Fix

Depending on the condition of the house you’re moving into, you may want to consider painting the whole house with a fresh coat of paint. This includes fixing any wall paint cracks and peelings that will give the house an upgrade. While you are at it, check all the room doors and bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors for any hinge issues or loose screws. Replace or fix any light outlets or sockets that are faulty, so they are working properly when you are ready to move in. 

Clean the Entire House

Now that you’ve checked all the crucial items in your house, sprayed against pests, and refreshed your paint, it is time to clean the house before any furniture moves in. You need to schedule for a deep clean of the entire house to get rid of dirt build-up, grime, stains, and any remnants of paint, and anti-pest products. This can be time-consuming, so you would better hire professionals to help you. If you plan on cleaning it yourself, a cleaning schedule would be a great idea. 

You have prepared your house thoroughly,  now you can move in and start placing your furniture right away in a clean and functioning house. Taking these measures and steps will take away the stress and chaos that come with a big move. 

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