Do Homemade Pest Repellents Work?

Pests can really foul your moment, it doesn’t matter which part of the neighborhood or district you live in. When you see those little animals invade your home and create havoc in your daily lives you begin to feel like you’re out of your domain. These critters can cause damage to your home, person and to the place in general if left unchecked. It is not uncommon in Australia, in places like Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and other regional cities, for establishments or living spaces to conduct pest control measures. The practice has been a part of their routine as these animals become a real inconvenience to the populace.

There is already a lot of services that help you deal with pest problems. Big cities have well-equipped suppliers to combat infestations. Particularly in Australia, Sydney pest control services provide locals comprehensive solutions to accomplish the job and eliminate the threat of recurrence. Using homemade methods cannot simply take over the capabilities of service providers in eradicating pests, but it can mitigate problems as it rises. The best measure is always prevention, but sometimes we are just placed in a situation wherein ordinances have to be implemented.

One thing to note is, pests are not entirely of the same family so dealing with them requires different approaches. You will also have to consider the safety of your pets as some methods may be harmful to the pest as well was with them.  

Here are some of the common pests and how to deal with them yourself using homemade repellents:

1. Termites

A quarter of houses in Australia will be invaded by this pest. The climate of the mainland is conducive for them to populate and spread. They have become a state problem that it is imperative to regulate properties to inspect them for termites. Using essential oils like neem, garlic and clove oil are harmful to these animals. Applying them to the infected parts of your house regularly will help you with your problem. Diatomite is also an effective method of eliminating termites. It has the capability to pierces through its protective shell, thus making it a potent weapon against them. You can spread it to the affected areas and keep watch of the termite’s movements.

2. Ants

Ants are one of the most annoying pests to have in the house. They mainly come to look for food, be it on your table or cabinets. You can mix vinegar and water and spray it directly to them. It kills them and will also prevent further infestation. Diatomite is also effective as it damages their external protection and leaves them vulnerable to almost anything.

3. Mice

Mice and rats are a serious problem that requires your immediate attention. They bring health issues and can cause physical damage to your home and your property. Having a clean environment generally prevents infestation as they will only come in search of something to eat. Traps are one of the most basic and quite effective measures to catch your unwanted visitor. The use of peppermint oil has also been proven to ward off rats because of the smell.

4. Cockroaches

Just like rats, cockroaches bring a lot of potential health problems when they come to your home. There is a lot of commercially available bug spray that can eliminate them, but proper care is required as they can harm your pets as well. Eucalyptus oil and leaves are one of the natural methods to keep cockroaches away. Catnip is an effective way to get rid of cockroaches and is non-toxic to humans and pets.

5. Spiders

With the advancement and availability of anti-toxins, spiders are rarely that harmful to humans. However, having a lot of them around in the house can be a real bother as they spin their webs in cracks and corners of your house. You can repair cracks and cover holes in your house. Generally, cleaning the house will take care of most of the visible traces of the spiders living with you. You can also use essential oils as repellents, dilute it with water and spray it to where they are.

We must learn to live and co-exist with all animals but there are just some boundaries that they cannot cross. If you think you are overrun or constantly bothered by your little housemates, take control and start to “clean house” literally and figuratively. Many of these methods may work only to an extent, after which employing professional services to assess and execute is needed. We have to keep in mind safety and health, you can use these measures that are readily available in your home or local market to eradicate these pesky critters or you can call your local pest control to handle the job that’s beyond your capacity.

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