Household Pests and Plumbing Problems

Household Pests and Plumbing Problems

The bane of every house’s existence is icky bugs creeping around in each crevice and corner, and bad plumbing causing all sorts of incredibly lame mayhem. While being a homeowner has its perks and is a goal most people aspire to, it does come with its load of hassles – and generally speaking, you shouldn’t be surprised if creepy crawlies decide to move in with you.

Here are a few hacks that will help keep you and your family safe. 

Fly Trap

Fruit flies are possibly one of the most annoying things about living out in the country – or a city with just too many of them flitting about. If you want a handy way to keep them at bay without infesting your home with horrible chemicals, try filling a glass jar with apple cider vinegar, cover with plastic wrap and punch in a few holes: the flies are attracted to the sweet smell, but will realize a bit too late that you’ve effectively poisoned them. 


There are many ways to get rid of them, but they do keep coming back. And, the chemicals needed to eradicate them for good are potentially life-threatening. If you want a simple cure, then you can repel them by filling small saucers with beer and putting them around the house. The alcohol-wheat-based concoction disgusts them, and they will leave you alone.

It’s All About the Sewage

Homeowners forget the importance of keeping their mainline in tip-top shape, which regrettably leads to a lot of clogging. If your bathtub or toilet isn’t draining properly, then it’s worth looking into the mainline cleaner that will help tackle all that waste. In the blog post, experts list out a bunch of heavy-duty cleaners for your mainline. After all, ignoring your main line can cause more problems than you can imagine.

Tangled Web

Spiders are another terrifying aspect of living in a house since they will show up at some point just to make you miserable. One simple way of getting rid of them is to spray equal parts of vinegar and water in different areas where they might reside, like your closets, ceiling corners, and so on. They’ll be running away to torment other people in your neighborhood soon enough.

Banging Pipes

If your water pipes are keeping you up at night with their own demented symphony, then you can try this hack: turn off the main water valve, turn on all your water faucets setting them to cold, and let them drain until dry. Then close again and turn back the main valve and each faucet. You’ll hear a few ‘coughing’ noises, but then the water will flow freely without the pipes giving you a headache. 

There’s nothing like owning your own abode. But if you truly want to be the master of your own domain, then you will need to learn how to keep your house in excellent shape at all times. Not paying attention to regular maintenance or ignoring problems can be a real disaster. Make your home the haven it’s meant to be.

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