How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Infesting Both the Inside and Outside of Your House

How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Infesting Both the Inside and Outside of Your House

One of the most annoying insects alive right now are bed bugs, they need blood to survive and they seem to prefer human blood over anything else. The name originated when people realized that they remain near us in the bedroom, or directly inside our mattresses; this is very scary and annoying at the same time because their bites can be very itchy. So, if you think you have an infestation, then you need to learn how to handle it.

Your clothes

The thing about these insects is that they are very sneaky and their width is as narrow as a piece of paper, making them able to hide almost anywhere no matter how tight or small the area is. The scary thing is that bed bugs can live outside by finding any small, isolated space for them to hide in. So, when you go outside or visit someone and you casually lean against a wall that has some cracks, you might be allowing them to latch onto you before you leave. You must make sure you never leave your clothes on the floor when you get home, hang them, and wash them thoroughly in 120 degrees Fahrenheit after every outing because the heat kills them.

A vacuum is your savior

Even though these insects don’t care whether your place is dirty or not, they can still come and set up shop in your bedroom no matter what. So, you need to vacuum your room and especially your mattress frequently. This can prevent any eggs from being left behind if you’ve just managed to get rid of the adults; they can’t fly and can only travel up to 20 feet per day, so they won’t be far if you suspect they’re in your bedroom. Remember to flip your mattress to the other side so you can vacuum that as well, you can’t be too careful and you shouldn’t take any chances.

Sprinkling diatomaceous earth

This is very helpful and can save you such a hassle when you’re handling bugs like these, also, they can prevent more from entering your home if they are close by in the yard or garden. It’s a soft siliceous sedimentary rock powder that these insects hate and successfully kills them. You need to make sure that you get the food-grade kind and you can order it online easily; the other compounds will irritate you if you inhale it. So sprinkle the powder all over your bed under your sheets, under the bed, outside your front and back doors, and inside any small holes or cracks on your property. This can help prevent any from coming in and kills the remaining bugs inside your home.

If you are afraid of any disease caused by getting bitten by these insects, you can rest easy because they do not transmit any harmful viruses. These bugs are just annoying and cause irritable itchiness, so getting rid of them for that reason alone is more than enough! Surprisingly, some people don’t respond to the bites at all; they might be feasting on your blood every night without even knowing. This makes them one of the most elusive insects ever! 

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