The laminate flooring has become quite popular over a while. The durability and the versatility of laminate flooring have made it famous not just for residential premises but also for commercial premises.

The choice of flooring should be as per the room type. The versatile laminate flooring options mean that you have a laminate flooring option for each room. Most of the people believe that it can be installed in literally every room. The question which we will try to answer today is whether it is suitable for a wet room or not.

Before we answer this question, we will highlight what exactly constitutes a wet room.

What is a wet room?

The wet room is a bathroom which consists of a shower without an enclosure. As a result, the water can come in contact with the flooring outside the shower area. In such a case, you have to always opt for waterproof flooring in the wet room.

The flooring in the wet room is in contact with humidity and water for a more extended period as compared to a regular room. Hence, it is essential for you to choose a flooring option which is entirely waterproof.

Is laminate flooring waterproof?

There are many different types of laminate floorings available these days. Not every kind of laminate flooring is waterproof. The waterproof laminate flooring segment is not that small. Again, there are multiple options available. You have to pick not just the right type, but also the right brand. You have to always look at the density of the flooring and the layers involved in the laminate flooring option.

Once you consider these options, it will be easier for you to pick the right kind of laminate flooring. The advantage of laminate flooring is that even the waterproof variants are pretty affordable. When you opt for such flooring variants, you can save a significant amount of money as compared to opting for any superior flooring option. Thus, laminate flooring is indeed waterproof, but you have to choose the right variety to pick the correct laminate flooring variant.

Advanced laminate flooring:

When it comes to waterproof laminate flooring, it is essential to choose the technologically advanced one. You have to opt for edge-to-edge laminate flooring. Moreover, the installation will also decide the waterproof nature of the laminate flooring. If you choose the waterproof variant, but do not install it the right way, the water can percolate to the subflooring. If that happens, the quality of the sub-floor can deteriorate. That is why you have to not only choose the advanced laminate flooring, but also install it in the right way.

There are some parameters that you need to consider when you’re choosing the advanced laminate flooring.

These include:

• Plank size:

Ideally, you should select the laminate flooring with the largest possible plank size. As a result, the number of planks which you will install in your wet room will be limited. The lesser the number of planks, the easier the installation. It will allow you to seal the entire wet room easily. You will not have to worry about water percolating beneath of the laminate flooring.

• The texture of the laminate flooring:

You have to study the surface of the laminate flooring carefully. The problem is that if the texture retains the water and makes it stagnate, sooner than later it will percolate into this flooring. You have to choose a surface such that it can repel the water or help it flow away rather than stay stagnant. When there is no stagnant water over the laminate flooring, there will be no percolation at all. In such a case, the laminate flooring will be genuinely waterproof.

Thus, you have to not only choose the advanced laminate flooring, but also you have to take into account the two factors which we have mentioned above. With the help of these two factors, it is easier for you to choose the laminate flooring.

Construction of laminate flooring:

We will now go into the detailed structure of laminate flooring to help you understand what makes it durable and waterproof.

• Transparent top layer:

The HD printer prints the transparent top layer of laminate flooring. It can withstand wear and tear. It does not fade away. The transparent layer adheres to the surface beneath. As a result, it can last for an extended period without any problem. It can handle scratches as well. The top layer retains its look. Thus, the appearance of the laminate flooring does not wither away over some time.

• Design layer:

The design layer is not visible in every type of laminate flooring. It is only present in the flooring options which need to mimic any other kind of flooring like hardwood flooring. In case, you are opting for laminate flooring which looks like stone flooring or metal flooring or wooden flooring; the design layer will be present. The design layer is comparatively delicate. Thus, there are chances that it can suffer from wear and tear over some time. The combination of the design layer and the top layer ensures that water does not percolate into the laminate flooring.

• Fibreboard:

Beneath both of these layers is the fiberboard. The fiberboard is the base of laminate flooring. The resin presence supports the board. The function of the resin is to provide proper water resistance to laminate flooring. It also improves the strength of laminate flooring. Resin enhances the load bearing capacity of laminate flooring. Thus, the main reason why laminate flooring can be waterproof is the resin which is present in it. The quantum of resin changes from one variant of laminate flooring to another. In the variant which is entirely waterproof, the quality of resin and the amount of resin is on the higher side. The laminate flooring options which consist of a high amount of resin are expensive. However, when you’re installing the laminate flooring in your wet room, these are the only options which you can consider.

• Bottom layer:

The bottom layer is again responsible for resisting moisture. In most of the cases, however, the bottom layer does not experience any moisture due to the fiberboard as well as the upper two layers which we have highlighted.

Only in the case of extremely moist rooms like the washroom, can the bottom layer experience any moisture. The laminate flooring which consists of all of these layers and the large quantity of resin is perfect for wet rooms.

It is preferable to choose the laminate flooring consisting of a plastic layer. The plastic laminate flooring can handle the humidity in the wet room. It is crucial to avoid the one which is wood-based. The wood-based is not entirely waterproof. After some time, it can suffer from extended wear and tear when it comes in contact with moisture or water.

Most of the waterproof laminate floorings have a plastic board rather than fiberboard. In such a case, there is no wear and tear at all when the interior of the laminate flooring is exposed to moist conditions. Plastic also makes it much more affordable. At the same point in time, the plastic one is easy to install. It is highly durable. Thus, when you’re looking for a waterproof variety of laminate flooring, it is a good idea to opt for one which has a plastic cover.

Waterproof Laminate Brands:

When you’re installing waterproof laminate flooring in your wet room, it is essential to go with the reputed brands. Many people are unaware of the popular waterproof laminate brands. You can browse to know more about laminate flooring which is waterproof.

We will now highlight some brands which you can look at when it comes to waterproof laminate flooring.

• Parcolys flooring:

Parcolys flooring is a Belgian brand. Parcolys over the years has become a global brand. It offers waterproof laminate flooring. The flooring is fully waterproof. Another advantage is that it is made from 100% recyclable material. As a result, you can be sure that you can opt for a flooring option which is eco-friendly. Moreover, it has an extensive warranty of twenty-years. The company offers repair or replacement during the warranty period.

It can handle UV rays without any problem. You can clean it with water or soap solution. It is famous not just in Europe, but all over the world. Slowly, the company is expanding in different geographies. It is available through online e-commerce website in the US and other developed countries. Thus, when you’re looking for a reputed brand of waterproof laminate flooring, you can consider this option.

• Dumaplast:

Dumaplast offers plastic laminate flooring. The advantage of plastic is not just durability, but complete waterproof nature. It has an underpad built into the flooring. Due to this additional layer, it is soundproof. It is eco-friendly. Thus, when you’re installing it in your home or your office premises, you can be sure that sound will be absorbed. As a result, you will not hear about any complaints from the neighbors. The extra layer also makes it perfect for wet rooms. It is however available only in European countries yet.

• Aquastep:

Aquastep was initially a sub-brand of Parcolys. It is no longer a sub-brand. It is now a dedicated brand. It offers waterproof laminate flooring. The plastic laminate flooring on offer by this brand is pretty sturdy. You can use it in not just bathrooms, but also kitchens. You can use it in your garage also. The company guarantees that the flooring will not buckle under the excessive weight. It is available in the United States as well as multiple countries all over the world.

Thus, if you’re confused about the laminate flooring brands which you can opt for, these are the three brands to consider. You can, of course, compare the design as well as the aesthetic appearance of these three brands before making a final decision. However, they have made a mark for themselves in the waterproof laminate flooring niche.

Installing waterproof laminate flooring:

The installation of the waterproof laminate flooring plays an important role. If the floor installation is not proper, the water can easily percolate to the subflooring. In such a case, irrespective of the quality of flooring, it will not be useful in the wet room.

We will highlight a simple guide which you can follow while installing waterproof laminate flooring.

  • You have to first and foremost remove the shoe molding around the baseboard. You have to ensure however that the baseboard is intact.
  • You have to prepare the subfloor then. You have to flatten it. If there are any nails or other fixtures sticking out of the subflooring, you have to remove all of them.
  • You have to after that roll out the underlayment. You can trim it as per your requirement. You can use a regular knife to do that.
  • Before you lay any planks of waterproof laminate flooring, it is essential to take the exact measurement of your subflooring once again. The measures will help you understand how many planks can be accommodated. You have to ensure that many numbers of planks are readily available.
  • Some planks might require cutting. You can use a laminate floor cutter to do so. You have to understand however that this will create dust and debris in your home. It is a good idea to outsource this task.
  • Most of the planks at the center will fit into and. In such a case, you need not worry about cutting them at all. You have to take the dimensions and measure the planks. After that, you will get a clear idea regarding the number of planks which are to be cut.

Most of the laminate flooring options come with interlocking features. Thus, installing them is not that difficult once you get the dimensions right. The best way is to outsource the installation. In such a case, the professionals will deal with the problems themselves. You will not have to worry about cutting the planks or installing them or interlocking them.

So, laminate flooring is a good option for the wet room. However, you have to choose the waterproof variant to ensure that water does not percolate to the subfloor. We have shared some of those brands with you above. With the help of these brands, choosing the waterproof laminate flooring will be very easy for you. The advantage of laminate flooring is that it is easy to install and affordable. At the same point in time, it is suitable for the wet room as well. You need to pick the right plastic waterproof laminate flooring variant.

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