Pest Alert: DIY Ways to Make Your House Pest-Free

Pest Alert: DIY Ways to Make Your House Pest-Free

No one wants to have pests in their home. This does not mean that you need to spend a ton of money to call in an exterminator every time something undesirable enters your living space. There are precautions as well as solutions you can do yourself that have worked for others and are sure to work for you. If you have any kind of infestation, then you need to take immediate action. Some ways to make your home pest free depend on the fact that you want a prevention method not a way to get rid of pests that are already there. Others work as both a solution to an existing pest problem as well as a prevention method.

Be the exterminator: Setting traps

Mice and other critters are very common pests to have in your home. They can enter your home from openings that might be in doors, walls or even ceilings. All they need is a small hole and they will take on the rest of the mission of chewing through any material to reach the inside of your home in search of food and a warm place. You could prevent pests from entering your home by checking for any open spaces that could be used as entrance points and sealing them off.

To deal with mice in particular from invading your home, you need to at first know the signs of mice in your home. The blog post about getting rid of mice by details all the needed information about what kind of mouse you might be dealing with as well as the checking process. After checking for the signs of a mouse living in your home, you can easily set up traps yourself around your home. These traps could either be reusable ones that catch and release the mice or the traditional type that kill mice. Either would rid you of the pest problem, but you should work as quickly as possible because mice are known for their fast procreation

Raid your pantry and start mixing

Ants are usually a pest problem faced mainly during spring and summer. That is because during those seasons they stop hiding in their homes for the winter and come out in search of food. Ants do not cause harm as much as they cause annoyance to you and your family. You can easily get rid of ants in your home by making your own remedy at home. This is done by mixing sugar and baking soda, then leaving the simple mixture in spots where ants are usually found. This trap will rid you of the ants without having to resort to chemicals that could harm you or your family. Make sure that food is not lying around unattended because it will definitely attract ants.

Lemon juice miracle

Cockroaches are pests that induce a lot of disgust. They aren’t just disgusting to look at, but they also contaminate your food and are an overall nuisance to have. You can take precautions to avoid having cockroaches infest your home. These precautions include maintaining a clean and orderly kitchen and home. Make sure that you do not have places that you neglected to clean because these are the places that cockroaches will start infesting your home from. Just like ants, cockroaches are attracted to food, so do not leave food lying around unattended. You can repel cockroaches using lemon juice. Cleaning your kitchen as well as any place where cockroaches reside with a homemade mixture of lemon juice and water will make the cockroaches leave the place as fast as possible. Make sure that the lemon juice is added in larger amounts in comparison to the water portion.

With very minimal effort on your part and very little money spent, you can protect your home from any type of pest infestation. If you find even one pest whether it is a mouse, a bug or other vermin then act as quickly as possible to avoid having the whole place infested. It is better to be safe than sorry in these situations so the faster you act the less you will suffer both financially and due to stress.

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