Signs That Tell You, It’s Time To Change Your Front Door

Signs That Tell You, It’s Time To Change Your Front Door

Your front door is the centerpiece of your home. It is the first thing you see when you get home and the first impression you make to your guests. Some people use the front door as a primary entry in and out of the house while others use it more decorative. When doing repairs, many homeowners focus on other aspects of the house like roofing, flooring, and windows, but rarely consider the front door, which is equally important. Look out for these common signs that will tell you when it is time to replace the front door.

Difficulty Opening and Closing

Your door should not take up all your strength when opening and closing. If you notice that your door does not open and close seamlessly, it is time to replace it. Watch out for a door that sticks when it is cold, but opens and closes easily when it is hot. That is a sign that it is leaking air and allowing energy inside. Humidity also causes wood to absorb moisture and expand, making it difficult to fit on the door frame. If your door is sticking into the jam, it probably has exposed areas, either at the top, bottom, or sides, through which you can see the light. Being able to see the light from inside or outside the house with the door closed also indicates leaking air.

Excess moisture

A lot of doors that are made of glass have double panes. Over time, as the seal between the panes wears out, moisture, mold, or mildew builds up, causing damage. When it comes to windows, some people let the effects of the moisture go on for long and prolong replacement because the windows are made of inorganic material. With doors, however, replacement becomes urgent. If your door has a wooden core or frame or your entryway is shaded and does not receive direct sunlight, the damage will be bigger. Mildew and mold spread quickly in the presence of organic materials, ultimately leading to rot.

Dents and Cracks

Have you noticed visible cracks and dents on your door? If so, this is a clear sign that you should be on the lookout for a replacement door. A cracked door may not be able to provide adequate security and keep out moisture. Cracks and dents could be the beginning of the failure of the door structure, therefore seeking the assistance of doors and door frames installation or replacement services is a must. Additionally, cracks in the doors allow insects and drafts to come through, and this is not something that you want in your home.


Do you find yourself having to stuff a towel or a rag under your door during winter to keep the cold out? If so, then you need a new door. If you feel the cold air from outside, making its way into the house, it means your front door doesn’t an adequate job. Drafts indicate a failed seal, and they make it challenging to keep your home warm during winter and cool during summer. Over time, as your door ages, the seals begin to crack and shrink. Drafts can cause discomfort in your home and can be a major reason why your energy bills have gone up. With a new door, you will be able to maintain the temperatures inside your home at a comfortable level without affecting your energy bills.


A warped door will usually become hard to open and require a little slamming before it closes properly. Wooden doors are more susceptible to warping although metal doors get warped too. Usually, a wooden door is sealed on the surface with a light coat of varnish. If this coating rubs off or gets scratched, moisture will get in and cause the damage over time. While most homeowners see warping as only an aesthetic issue, it may compromise the overall integrity of the door as the wood might eventually begin to rot. Metal door warping results from the door being kicked hard by at the bottom during the opening.

Dings and rust

Dings and rust on the door are indicative of a compromised structure. Your hardware plays an important role in ensuring the door is secure, and a rusted door cannot guarantee security. With a rusted door, the moisture not only comes from the exterior, but it also gets into the interior wood frame. If you there notice accumulated rust around the hinges and locks on your door, it is essential that you replace it.

Water and insect damage

If you have experienced water and insect damage, it is time to replace your door. Most people who have experienced water damage know that if the wood is soft and breaking apart, it is not secure enough to support the structure of the door and keep the home safe. This is also applicable to insect damage. If according to your exterminator, 50% of the wood is damaged, then your energy efficiency through solid objects has significantly reduced. To examine if your wooden door is rotting, check for parts that feel softer than others. Water and insect damage makes your home easier to break to, reduces energy efficiency, and creates more pathways for future damage.

Dysfunctional parts

Besides the door itself, there are other parts like frame, threshold, and door jamb that directly impact the functionality of the door. These parts are also susceptible to becoming loose, warping, or rotting. While sometimes you can replace any of these parts if the door is still in good shape, most of the time you have to replace the entire door system. If you have certain parts that are damaged, get a professional to assess whether you need to fix them, or replace the whole system.

The front door partially defines the experience of your home. The more you are aware of the signs to look out for in an aging door, the safer you are going to be. Replacing a door that is failing at functionality and aesthetics can be an incredible investment. It can add dramatic beauty to your home, keep you secure, and help you save on energy. Take care of your home by having in place a beautiful, quality front entryway.

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