What Does a Building and Pest Inspection Do?

What Does a Building and Pest Inspection Do?

There are a lot of people that ignore giving a home inspector a call, even though it’s actually very important to get one to come check your home for anything out of the ordinary. Whether you’re selling a house, having a normal check-up, or you’re about to buy a house. It’s always good to make sure the house is in tip top shape, take a look below at some of the important things that a home inspector would do.

What’s so important about it?

If you’re going to sell a home, don’t you want it to be in good condition so you could get a good price? Also, if you’re the buyer of the house, don’t you want to make sure you’re not throwing your money away? At the end of the day, it’s a huge investment, it should be the normal thing to do all over the world. So let’s say you’re moving to a new place in Australia, whether Gold Coast, or Melbourne, it won’t be a bad idea to call a building and pest inspection Gold Coast inspector to give the house a proper sweep; this inspector will give you a full report as fast as 24 hours later. It would come in handy to have someone tell you that the house has some things that need to be taken care of. It could be an insect infestation, rats, mold, weak floors or walls from the moisture, and many other hidden issues. The end result of the inspection would let you know how good the house is and if it’s safe to sell/buy or not. It would mean a lot to the overall value of the house, apartment, or any building as a whole.

What does the inspector do exactly?

The licensed inspector’s job is to examine the property thoroughly and comprehensively by using advanced technologies like digital photography, moisture meters, and thermal imaging. Through this, he/she could find out if there are any structural damages, how good or bad the condition of the building is, and how much time or money it would take to repair and fix the problems. Not to mention inspecting every nook and cranny for any rodents, insects, dangerous molds, and anything that would need treatment and time to completely remove. At the end of the inspection, there would be a checklist of everything that was good, and everything that needed attention. Some things might take a little extra time, so the sale of the property or you move in would have to wait as per the inspector’s opinion and recommendation. So make sure you find a professional who knows what they’re doing, also one that has adequate insurance coverage.

What do you need to do before they arrive?

If you need the inspection to go smoothly, you need to make things easier for them. Make sure you arrange your furniture in a way that all your walls are visible, if the building isn’t fully furnished it would make it a lot easier too. Also, you need to unlock every door so the inspector can roam freely checking every room and every corner. It’s recommended to have one person only with the inspector, so if you have a family and a pet, it’s best to let them have a fun day out. Make sure also that there is nothing blocking access to the roof void, basement, or garage. Also, if there are any unnecessary items or objects in the property, it’s best to remove them temporarily to give the inspectors more freedom. With everything done like this, it should give you a thorough and smooth inspection. 


It really is necessary to have all your bases covered, making sure the building is in good condition and has no complications to prevent it from being sold or bought. Any repair/treatment costs you pay would be all worth it in the long run for you and for the value of the property.  

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